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Jazz or Team Choreography Class:

Team tank top, dance pants or shorts, turning shoes. Please no baggy

clothing for class. Hair pulled back out of face.


*Black leotard for 10 and older, younger than 10 may wear any color. ABSOLUTELY NO CROP/BRA TOPS for ballet. *Pink split sole ballet shoes and/ or pointe shoes if applicable. For pointe, teacher will notify child when ready for pointe shoes. Please see teacher for a list of preferred brands on pointe shoes.Sometimes teacher will set up a date/time for dancer to get fitted for those shoes. Please no slippers or full soled ballet shoes. Canvas or leather will be fine. Ties need to be tucked in, no bows.

 *Ballet pink tights. Suggested brands for tights and slippers: Balera, Bloch, Capezio. Tights may be convertible but must be worn over feet for ballet.

*Hair pulled into a bun and neatly secured.


Any kind of dance attire as long as it is not baggy.

Tap shoes are required.

Hip Hop:

Clothing that is easy to move in, please not too baggy of clothing.

Tennis shoes.


Tight fitting dance attire, modest bottoms (shorts not too short), or baggy

tops that will hinder movement. Hair pulled back out of face. Bare feet.

Academy/Recreational classes:

Dance attire for class. No street clothes or baggy clothing please.

Hair pulled back out of faceBare feet.

dress code: About
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