This is Merrill Osmond. I wanted to officially invite as many students and some parents/chaperones to St. George to perform the pioneer pageant once again on the 24th of July. I would like to make the kids from the SLC area the full cast for this year's production.

The success of last year‘s performance in St. George was a HUGE success that the people in southern Utah are hoping to make this an annual family event & tradition for many years to come. The momentum and the excitement here in southern Utah for their pioneer ancestors is unlike anywhere I've experienced so far. As you very well know, the two of us (Merrill and Karen Carter) started this many years ago and the dream and success of that pageant continues to move forward and changes lives in the process.

Pioneer Pageant

What I envision is something like what we did in Missouri years ago. We charter a couple big buses, make it fun, provide accommodations & meals and create another opportunity to touch & change lives, because that is exactly what this pageant does.

We need to get a commitment from you soon so we know ahead of time that we have enough cast to be in the show. And then you can do all of your practices/rehearsals there in SLC. Then we would transport you all down to St. George on either the 19th or the 20th of July. We would then do full tech rehearsals on the main stage for the 20th, 21st & the 23rd before the main event on the 24th.

I would also like to set it up so that each cast member pays a cast fee$35.00 to help offset some of our cost (E.g. transportation, meals, food, shirts, etc...)

Time is short so as soon as we can get a confirmation back from you we would appreciate it. Please send an email to if you are interested.

With question please contact Karen Carter 8015711830


Thanks so much.



Dates for Practice will be

*June 29th & 30th at 10am-5pm (please bring a sack lunch)

*July 13th & 14th at 10am-5pm (please bring a sack lunch)

Location of practice will be TB

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