We are so excited to start competition season! In preparation we will be holding a dress rehearsal February 8th from 8-3pm at Bingham High School in the auditorium. This is a closed rehearsal. Immediate family members are allowed to come if needed, however the purpose of this rehearsal is to check dances and costumes. Please invite your extended family and friends to competitions or our spring recital. 

Dancers are expected to come in full competition hair and makeup including eyelashes. The links to these tutorials are at the end of this email. Please see Misty/McKenzie/Heather if you still need a makeup kit or earrings. All costumes need to be brought with you as well as all accessories, shoes, etc. No teams are wearing tights this year. Please ask your team moms if you have any questions about what is needed for each of your costumes. Also bring plenty of safety pins, hair elastics, and butt glue. 

Space is very limited. Please do NOT bring any costume racks, big suitcases, big duffel bags, etc. Please bring your costumes in a costume bag. Costume racks will be provided. Because of the limited space, please do not go into the dressing rooms until the time listed for your team. You will be directed to which dressing room your dancer will be in. Once your dancer is done dancing please gather your things and exit the dressing rooms so other teams can use the space. If your dancer is able to change costumes by themself, please stay out of the dressing rooms on the sides of the stage. There will be a large area designated to help put on accessories, fix costumes, and check them off. Your dancer will meet you there once dressed. 

Here is the show order for Saturday the 8th as of right now. We are still working on some things but will have a definite one by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. 

8:45-Intensify Lyrical

8:55-Velocity Jazz

9:00-Intensify Jazz

9:05-Prodigy Jazz

9:10-Velocity Lyrical

9:15-Perfection Jazz

9:20-Prodigy Lyrical

9:25-Velocity Character

9:30-Perfection Lyrical 

9:35-Prodigy Character

9:40-Energee Jazz

9:45-Perfection Contemporary 

9:50-Matilda (Prodigy & Vision)

9:55-Energee Lyrical

10:00-Vogue (Perfection & Prestige)

10:05-Vision Jazz

10:10-Premiere Jazz

10:15-Prestige Jazz

10:20-Vision Lyrical

10:25-Premiere Lyrical 

10:30-Prestige Contemporary

10:35-Preeminent Jazz 

10:40-Vision Character

10:45-Prestige Character

10:50-Preeminent Lyrical 

10:55-Venture Jazz

11:00-Element Jazz


11:10-Venture Lyrical

11:15-Element Lyrical

11:20-Preeminent Character 


12:30-Excite Jazz

12:35-Eclipse Jazz

12:40-Vitality Jazz

12:45-Excite Lyrical

12:50-Eclipse Lyrical

12:55-Passion Jazz

1:00-Vitality Lyrical

1:05-Vibrance Jazz

1:10-Passion Lyrical 

1:15-Vitality Character

1:20-Vibrance Lyrical

1:25-Passion Character

Here are the times each team is expected to be at Bingham with hair and make-up complete:

Excite 12:00-1:00

Energee 9:10-10:15

Element 10:30-11:30

Eclipse 12-1

Venture 10:30-11:30

Vibrance 12:30-1:40

Vision 9:20-11

Vitality 12:15-1:30

Velocity 8:30-9:45

Passion 12:30-1:45

Prodigy 8:30-10

Prestige 9:30-11

Preeminent 10-11:30

Premiere 9:45-10:30

Perfection 8:45-10:10

Paralyze 10:45-11:15

Intensify 8:30-9:15

There will be a $15/dancer fee for this rehearsal. Discounts will be given for multiple dancers from one family. 
A more detailed schedule will be sent out on Monday and posted at Bingham with the rehearsal order. 

If you have any questions please ask your team moms. They can contact the costume committee or teachers for clarifications. Thank you all for the sacrifices you make for your dancers. We’ve got a lot of awesome routines this year and are looking forward to a great competition season!

Empower Dance Academy 




Make-Up Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA6OYEORtpc&feature=youtu.be 

Hair: Slicked Low Pony, Center Part, no fly-away's. Ponytail must be flat ironed straight.

Butt Glue: https://www.amazon.com/JOBST-Stays-Roll-Body-Fixative/dp/B0015DA0E2/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=butt+glue&qid=1580510778&sr=8-2.