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My name is Christine Jones. I am the creator and founder of mUvmethod, a progressive yoga based system designed for dancers. I wanted to reach out and share some information about what we do, the benefits of our program and what your dancers will need for their summer and fall classes.


All mUvmethod classes are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension while improving strength, balance, posture, alignment and stability. This allows dancers to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury.  


The benefits of mUvmethod are not only physical.  mUv classes are designed to take the dancers through stages of mental and emotional growth. The results are increased confidence, resilience, creativity, self acceptance and expression.  


All classes have a strong flexibility component. Our particular approach to flexibility is an incredible way to assist dancers in deepening their flexibility and mobility. We incorporate safe and effective ways to stretch for optimal results and teach students about the nervous system and how it regulates flexibility. Over time our students learn to work with rather than against it and see a rapid increase in flexibility.


We utilize yoga wheels (optional) and flexibility straps to release muscular, fascial and neural tension in the postural muscles. This not only works to maximize flexibility and mobility, but will also decrease pain, prevent injury, optimize recovery and enhance performance.


In each class we focus on a particular peak posture such as Super Splits, Dancer Pose (aka Scorpion) or Middle Splits. Prior to peak postures we take the students through a series of exercises designed to stretch the muscles and surrounding tissues that oppose the peak posture.


For example, Front Splits and Super Splits are greatly opposed by the hip flexors rather than the hamstrings. At times, and depending on the position of your hip, you can have up to ten muscles opposing hip extension, those are your hip flexors. We spend a fair amount of time stretching and releasing tension in the hip flexors prior to doing the splits. This allows dancers to move into their Splits and Super Splits with ease without causing unnecessary stress and strain on their hamstrings.   


The flexibility straps (required) will be used throughout class to progressively assist the dancers in increasing shoulder, scapular, hip, upper, mid and lower back flexibility and mobility. Dancers see many impressive dance poses on Instagram and other forms of social media and like to attempt these poses on their own. These positions often call for a great range of mobility and flexibility in the shoulders, front of the chest, scapulae and hips, yet they appear to require a lot of spinal extension. And because many dancers have a lot of spinal extension they try to force the pose from the spine rather than stretching the areas that are actually preventing them from safely and effectively achieving the poses.


Over time this leads to wear and tear, back pain (every dancer we work with complains about upper back and lower back pain) and will eventually decrease their spinal extension. The straps and wheels will be used in guided exercises to reduce tension in their shoulders, front of the chest, backs, hip flexors, abductors and adductors. The result is safe and effective mobility and flexibility at a fairly quick rate. We teach dancers how to safely approach postures, which limits their chance of pain and overuse injuries.



  • Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility

  • Increased Shoulder Flexibility

  • Enhanced Scapular Mobility

  • Increased Hip Flexibility and Range Of Motion

  • Increased Hamstring and Inner Hip Flexibility

  • Decreased Back and Neck Pain

  • Increased Core Strength

  • Increased Back and Shoulder Stability

  • Improved Balance, Posture and Alignment

  • Improved Focus and Clarity

  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety


Dance Specific Improvements

  • Arabesque

  • Penché

  • Attitude

  • Tilts

  • Grand Battements

  • Grand Jeté

  • Scorpion

  • Needle

  • Leg Hold Turns

  • Pirouettes

  • Turn Out

  • And Much More


What your Dancers Will Need

  • Flexibility Straps. These can be purchased online at mUvmethod.com. Use your studio coupon code to receive a discount on the straps.

  • A Yoga Mat. We do not sell yoga mats on our site. Here is a link to the top 9 yoga mats of 2017. You want a mat that provides some cushioning, grip, stays put and is slip resistant. My favorite yoga mats are the Manduka Pro and Lululemon “The Mat”. They are on the pricier side. If you would prefer to pay less the PrAna E.C.O or the Gaiam Print Premium are good mats to go with.