Hip Hop Utah Nov. 2, 2019


-There is parking underneath the Salt Palace

-Please arrive early to check in and warm up. The event starts at 10am but try to arrive 45 minutes early to check in and be ready to dance! 

-Please bring water with you! There will be a lunch break and there are lots of food locations around the Salt Palace. You can bring your own lunch but we are not allowed to eat inside the dance rooms. 

-The convention is in room 155 of the Salt Palace!! On the far northwest side of the building! 1st floor

-Come early so you can find the room 155 at the Salt Palace, check in and start stretching. Registration starts at 9:15am, so anytime after that is fine! 

-There is NO observation fee for the parents! Feel free to come in and watch your kid dance! We do ask though that you come in for a little bit, then exit, then come back in so other parents have room to watch also. 

-You can take some pictures and video of your child, just make sure to tag @HipHopUtah! We will also be taking pictures that you will be able to look at later. 

-Feel free to switch levels when you arrive if you feel another room would be better for you, or you want to dance with a friend, etc. 


Here are the three rooms:

ADVANCED OLDER GROUP- This is approximately for ages 14 and up and are advanced to intermediate dancers. The combinations will be challenging and will be taught quicker. 


INTERMEDIATE TEEN GROUP- This is approximately for ages 12 and up and are intermediate dancers. Still challenging combinations, but they will be taught not as fast, and will be explained more in detail. 


YOUNGER DANCERS- This is approximately 7 to 11 years old and will be mixed with intermediate and advanced dancers. Will be challenging for all the young dancers but very fun combos! 


Here is the schedule!

10:00-10:15- Intro and Warm Up

10:15-11:30- Class 1

11:30-12:45- Class 2

12:45-1:45- Lunch Break

1:45-3:00- Class 3

3:00-4:15- Class 4

4:15-4:30- Wrap up (scholarships, announcements)

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