Conventions: Average Cost

Solo : $140-$175

Duo/Trio $85-$115 per dancer

Local Competitions:


Duo/Trio $65-$85 per dancer

In order to compete solo/duo/trio you MUST be current with your account balance. We will not register dancer without a ZERO balance. 

Studio will need from you before October 2021:

1. Dancer name

2. teacher name

3. solo/duo/trio

4. song name

5. genre

6. length of song

* Dances are not to exceed 2:30 min. 

*As soon as you have music ready and up to date, please email/text to


Please put in heading : Solo Music-Dancer Name

*Studio must sign your dancer up for conventions.

* YOU sign dancer up for local comps unless noted otherwise.

*Due to limited allowed dance numbers, some solos/duos/trios may have to audition in order to participate.

*Dance must be registered by deadline. No if/ands/butts.

* You are in charge of purchasing your costumes. If you need ideas or catalogs, please let us know.

 ***It is your responsibility to check schedule once available to make sure your dancer is on the list. You have 48 hrs. to notify us of any corrections. After 48hrs we will not be able to add, or make changes. Schedules can be found online, and also emailed out to you.