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Empower Dance Academy Program

Our Academy Program offers classes to ages 2yrs-up

( Ballet, Jazz Technique, Acro/Tumbling, Hip Hop, Tap, )

Beginning levels / Intermediate levels

    All Empower Academy dancers will perform in our

“Winter Recital” & “Spring Recital “


Empower Dance Combination Class Description

All Empower Dance classes that are offered as an add-on to our tumbling classes will instruct the students in the fundamental movements associated with the styles of: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap & syncopation, creative movement, and improvisation.  Class level will be adjusted according to the skill level of the students in each session.  These dance classes are usually the first experience little people have with dance - so our emphasis will be on having fun while learning dance along with appropriate classroom etiquette.



Foundational elements such as alignment, turnout, portebra , and correct body postures with beautiful lines and angles will be taught throughout the year.  


*Ballet will be highly emphasized in the Empower Dance add-on classes offered - as the foundational dance movements associated with ballet form the basis for the movements contained in many of the other dance styles.  These movements also work with tumbling to create strength and proper alignment for children.  Such as pointed toes and straight legs during kicks and tricks.



Techniques emphasizing proper execution of turns, kicks, leaps/jumps and counting music.  



Techniques like freestyle and street style dancing will be taught in addition to self expression in addition to basic elements like beginning gliding, popping, locking and breaking.


Basic tap & syncopation:

Tap dancing basics which emphasize rhythm, timing, coordination and syncopation (musicality).  


Creative movement and Improvisation:

This style will be taught throughout the year and allows students to weave all of the techniques and movements learned from ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap to create individualized contemporary dances.  Proper form, control, technique, and execution of all styles in addition to self expression will be incorporated into the dance movements.

Required Technical classes for Fall: 2019-Spring 2020

  • Days and times of these classes offered:    Online Schedule for fall June 25th 2018 click here

  • You may choose 1 hr per week or more depending on your needs.

  • Pay Annual Registration Fee $25 ( single child in family ) or $40 ( multiple children in family

  • The cost of monthly tuition is figured by using the Empower Fall Tuition Scale below. or website

  • . 75      $45 

  • 1          $50

  • 1.5       $60

  • 2          $7  

  • 2.5       $85

  • 3          $1  

  • 3.5       $115

  • 4         $125

  • Monthly tuition is due on the first day of each month from September-May.

  • A late fee will be assessed to delinquent accounts on the 15th of each month.

  • 10% discount will be offered to each family with more than one dancer enrolled.

  • Tuition is not discounted for classes missed. Missed classes may be made by coming to other classes offered.

  • Missed classes must be excused prior to absences.


Additional Fees:

  • Winter Recital Fee $15  Due: November 25th 2018

  • Spring Recital Fee  $28   Due: April 25th 2019

  • One Costume Fee  $70   Due:  January 15th 2019

  • Studio Photo:  TBA

  • Shoes and Tights: Purchased on your own.


Optional Summer Technical Classes:

  • Summer classes are not mandatory for our Academy dancers: however, they are strongly encouraged . 

  • June 11th,  13th,  20th,  25th, 27th, 

  • July  9th,  11th,  16th, 17th,  18th,  19th,  30th,  August 1st,

  • Time: 9:00am-3:00pm   ( Our detailed schedule will be available May 21st 2017 )


Optional Items: