Makeup Hair & Costume Information

Hair: (see attached pic)


Center part

Slicked Low ponytail - no fly-away's - Hair should be touched up for every dance.

Ponytail must be flat ironed straight.


Hair should be styled and out of your face.

Makeup -

Link to YouTube tutorial below:

Make up: Coming soon....

Makeup kits have been handed out. If for some reason you did not receive one, please contact the office.

Company Team Tights and Shoes-

Hip Hop -

CONVERSE - Chuck Taylor black and white high tops.

**If your child is on a younger team, you will be asked to wear the black & White high top Converse or Converse look alike sneaker.   available at: Payless, Target, or where converse shoes are sold. Also check online.

No underwear should be worn with any costume.  To replace underwear for the dancers (girls) you will need to wear a FULL Body tight.  This serves as panties and a bra for the dancers.    

*If your older dancer has to have a bra for support she will need to wear a dance bra with clear straps, nude in color, & clear straps in the back for the lower backed costumes.  Please be aware that many older girls will need a dance bra for support (don’t want too much movement going on).  wink .... wink...

A couple options are:

BW274 Padded Bra by Body Wrappers    

C3683 Seamless Clear Back Bra by Capezio

**A list of websites and stores will be at the end of this note for all your needs.**


Brand needed: Body Wrappers Full body tight (convertible foot/clear straps) #A91

Color: Jazzy Tan (NOT TAN or SUNTAN) we need to match

Size: older girls have a few sizes to choose from.  ALL younger girls will get the 8-14 youth size.  They fit all of the different sizes.  They are super stretchy and work great!

There is a capezio body tight that works but make sure it has clear straps, and is a caramel tan.  We would like them to match the shoes.  It gives a clean and professional line.  

**Boys - underwear should be the same color as your pants so they do not show if your shirt pulls up


Company Teams will be wearing turning shoes for all dances (lyrical, jazz, contemporary, character) Below are some options…. Just make sure they are leather. A good option is to buy a canvas pair for practice then have a leather pair for performance (just wear them the week of comp to break them in) dancers should have 2 pair of turning shoes to keep their comp pair looking nice all season. Absolutely NO holes will be accepted in tights or shoes EVER.

Below are styles that will work:

*Adult "Turning Pointe 55" Pirouette Shoes by Sophia Lucia

*Adult Pirouette II Leather Lyrical Shoes Style No: H062,  H063C, H063W

Please do not get a pair of shoes that are dark tan.  They stand out to much (they she be closer to your skin color)  

Websites & local store to purchase these items:                

Local Stores:

Onstage Dancewear         3900 S. 1700 W.      801 968-3139

Dancewear Inc.                 8922 S. 700 E.      801 255-0449

Backstage Dancewear       421 W. 12300 S.      801 446-0192

Websites:                      (for sizing needs only)

General costuming notes:

All costumes should be steamed and look nice for every competition.

Bring lots safety pins, Bobby pins, and butt glue (for kids that wear just leotards)

Company directors and team moms will determine which accessories will be worn and how they should look so always bring all of them.

Be careful with Lace and sheer fabrics when you are taking them on and off and when they are near or rubbing on abrasive fabrics like sequin. They will snag, run and be ruined if you are not very careful.

Fringe biker shorts and accessories have a thread running through them - it helps to hold the shape and protect the fringe - this string should be removed for competition but treat your costume well so your Fringe will look nice all season.

Label all of your costume pieces and shoes. Things get lost & if there is a name on them your chances of getting them returned greatly increased.  

*Costumes will not be handed out until supply fees are current.  All of the studio’s costumes have been ordered and paid for, IN FULL.  We are unable to carry balances.  If we need to space dancers out of routines we will be doing that.  Thank you for your attention to matter.  


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