Adelyn Cox

Brinley Hunt

Eliza Warburton

Kyleigh Jones

Madison Childs

Madison Wilmsen

Sarah Spallino

Summer Bollinger


Brynlee Kamp

Dallas Hinds

Elsie Johnson

Katelyn Colton

Kiara Sheilds

Kieran Carey

Madison Andersen

Olivia Baron

Savannah Paxton


Adeline Devaney

Alexandra Floor

Dylin Reese

Hayley Heinhold

Emma Greeno

Kamrin Johnson

Kelsey LeRoy

Keltzey Jones

Reagon Stott

Rylee Reynolds


Adelyn Moon

Alexa Walker

Annabelle Bos

BreAnna Thomas

Brescia  Cromar

Brooklyn Ericson

Grace Piggott

 Olivia Argyle

Shayla Koncurant


Eliza Webb

Hailey Godfrey

Hayley Claybough

Kelbie Visser

Michelle Akagi

Olivia Bergstrom

Olivia Kartchner


Abby Clark

Alexis Salerno

Ava Devaney

Avery Seare

Brielle Malstrom

Brynlee Warren

Chloe Quist

Emma Haws

Gabby Sheild

Kali Penman

Madison Barlow

Whitney Jones

Zoie Thompson


Aubrey Jones

Bonnie Thompson

Delaney Ihler

Eva Webb

Gracie Mckee

Isabel Best

Klara Little

Lexie Hillstead

Mia Thomas

Zoey Thompson


Brinley Funes

Camrhyn Peterson

Florencia Rodrigues

Kenyan Chamberlain

Madison Shoaf

Maron Carey

Rylee Peterson

Sydney Muir

Sydney Wardle



Abigail Jaramillo

Addison Ihler

Hailee Anderson

Kennedy Peterson

London Brotherson

Teigyn Holt

Zoe Sisam


Brynlee Ericson

Cambree Mezenen

Maylie Harris

Samantha Floor

Whitney Rindisbach

Vaeda Cochran


Ashley Murray

Jessica Kamp

Kenzie Evans

Mckenna Peterson

Remy Wright


Berklie Cromar

Kambri  Butcher

Kaysha Millet

Kylie Flanders

Paezli Holt

Sidney Best

Taya Olsen


Alexis Wahlburg

Hannah Huegly

Katie Varga

Kylie Vance

Lauren Uribe

Leah Goodloe

Lexie Johnson

Maya Seare

Paige Huntsman


Allie Hollie

Brianna Clough

Cami Reynolds

Camryhn Anderson

Emma Nagle

Kenley Whitmill

Kailey Millet

Kelsea Terry

Lexie Harris


We are so exited for our 2017-2018 Empower Teams. We appreciate everyone for their effort and continued support of our Studio! Summer intensives will be starting this Monday! Keep showing your passion and talent as we will continue to evaluate each of your strengths and be able to place you in a position to help you reach your potential! We are very fortunate to have so many strong dancers and we feel that these current choices will enable growth all around. A lot of exciting things are still ahead. Keep up the hard work. Should you have any questions or concerns, please be aware that Misty will not be available to answer these until after Summer Intensives. We love you all and are so proud of our dancers